Why Does Yamaha Make Both Pianos And Motorbikes?


Why are you trying to sell me a Yamaha? I don’t want a motorcycle; I want a piano. While that may sound a little silly, it is a question we still get at SoCal Pianos in Ontario & Palm Desert, CA (appointment only at both locations). I find that a segment of the population will always think first of motorcycles and not fine pianos when they hear Yamaha. It’s a testament to the marketing success of this Japanese company, but what may surprise many people is Yamaha was making pianos decades before even thinking about manufacturing motorcycles.

A Little History Lesson

Yamaha started making pianos when the company was founded in 1887. The motorcycles didn’t come along until after WWII as Japan started to build its reputation as an industrial manufacturer. Today this multi-faceted company not only makes musical instruments and motorcycles, but also bicycles, sporting goods, and robots. Yamaha’s origins are still reflected in their logo—a trio of interlocking tuning forks.

Quality Counts

The history is great, but the history of QUALITY is why SoCal Pianos is proud to feature Yamaha pianos as part of the inventory in our Ontario & Palm Desert, CA (appointment only at both locations) stores. Their product line includes a nearly endless array of keyboard instruments. They are seen in concert halls around the world, stages, churches, homes, and schools & universities. Yamaha makes grand pianos, uprights, and an exciting line of hybrid pianos that combine the best of Yamaha’s acoustic actions combined with cutting edge digital technology. No matter the category, all Yamaha keyboard instruments are known for their consistent quality and attention to detail.

SoCal Pianos is Here to Help

Retailers who care only about making sales usually don’t last long. Customers need and want more. SoCal Pianos is here to provide accurate information about the best pianos available. If you trust us with your business, we will build on that relationship by providing stellar customer service. That’s why we created the industry’s only piano buy-back guarantee. It’s your assurance that the investment you make in an instrument for your family will be a wise one. You won’t find this offer at our competitors. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.