What Is The Benefit Of Playing A Musical Instrument?

musical instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument takes practice, commitment and an overall appreciation of the fine arts. But the great news is that it’s all worth it… once you learn how to play an instrument, the door to a lifetime of musical enjoyment is wide open and the possibilities are endless. We are kind of biased here at SoCal Pianos, but we think that learning to play a piano is one of the finest endeavors one can take. Not only will you provide plenty of listening enjoyment for your family and friends, but the personal benefits will reward you for a lifetime as well. 


Studies have shown many benefits from learning to play a musical instrument, especially in children, who’s cognitive and reasoning skills are greatly aided by the process. But they aren’t the only ones who can benefit. Here’s a few ways that people of all ages can learn and benefit from playing a musical instrument.

  • LEARN TO READ MUSIC. Learning a musical instrument can help you also learn to read sheet music. Reading the notes as they are written down can help your musical education, knowledge and talent level immensely. You can also learn to play more styles, learn how to compose music and recall the music you are playing more easily.
  • BRAIN POWER. In the simplest terms, learning to play a musical instrument can make you smarter… seriously. Studies have shown that both listening to music and learning to play it triggers certain chemical reactions in your brain that improve cognitive/learning skills such as math comprehension and coordination and memory skills.
  • ENHANCE SOCIAL SKILLS. Knowing how to play a musical instrument can help you overcome shyness or worries and can be a great icebreaker in social situations. It can also help you with verbal and non-verbal communication and management skills.
  • SELF-CONFIDENCE. Learning to play a musical instrument will give you a sense of accomplishment and can also help you realize the importance of perseverance and self-discipline.


If you are ready to learn to play the acoustic piano (or electric/digital piano), you have come to the right place. SoCal can help you set up lessons with a highly recommended instructor via our instructor referral network, one of the largest in Southern California. We can also provide you with information about renting a piano while you learn to play. Check out our rental website at https://pianorentals.com/ to learn more or schedule an appointment at one of our California showrooms: Ontario and Palm Desert.