Understanding Kawai Upright Pianos – World’s Most Advanced Uprights

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Understanding Kawai Upright Pianos – the World’s Most Advanced Uprights

Since 1927, Kawai has been one of the leading Japanese piano manufacturers. Like other piano manufacturing companies, Kawai began their long history with the production of a grand piano. The goal of the company then and now is to provide the worldwide market with the finest piano possible. Over the years Kawai has succeeded to meet that goal with innovation and leadership while still holding fast to their high-values and role as musical advocates.

In 1935, Kawai upright pianos took their place among the esteemed line of grand pianos offered by the company. Today they’re widely known as a leading provider of institutional uprights and grand pianos; meaning that many colleges, universities and other specialty music training facilities trust Kawai to deliver consistent, high-quality pianos for beginning pianists, instructors and even professional concert pianists.

What’s Good About a Kawai Upright Piano?

In the piano world, Kawai upright pianos have a solid reputation for being some of the highest quality available. Their craftsmanship is superior to many, causing them to stand out. In fact, their reputation as great uprights extends beyond teaching institutions to professional piano players, too. 

Research shows that they typically last 20-30 years. It should be noted though, that older uprights usually require major reconditioning which can become costly depending on individual circumstances. However, all pianos will require reconditioning and repairs as they age. 

Other pros to owning a Kawai upright piano is the rich tone, the touch of the keys and the output of sound. The smaller size of an upright compared to a grand or even a baby grand piano makes them very appealing for many. Uprights generally cost less than grands. It’s easy to get the value of more for less. 

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