What’s a Silent Piano & How Do They Work?

What’s A Silent Piano & How Do They Work

What’s a Silent Piano & How Does it Work?

Learning a new instrument takes time and practice, so ample opportunities are available to grace those around the student with all the missed and sour notes. It’s probably a safe bet that many parents would like to have had a silent piano while their child was learning to play, which in a word seems like an oxymoron. 


Silent pianos are acoustic pianos that, if needed, have a feature allowing it to be played in silent mode. This design is very appealing to pianists residing in apartments or homes that have the inability to allow the pianist to practice without disrupting their housemates. 

The middle pedal is called the practice pedal on an acoustic piano. While it does lower the volume of the piano, it doesn’t block it completely. On a silent piano, the middle pedal has the same effect but is further designed so that a bar is raised that stops the hammers from striking the strings, thus completely silencing the sound.


Kawai and Yamaha have been manufacturing silent pianos for years. Bosendorfer recently began producing them as well. It’s also possible to modify a regular acoustic piano with an aftermarket silencing system. 

As we said, on a silent piano, when the middle pedal is engaged the action of playing takes place, but no sound is produced from the instrument. When the unit is plugged into the wall socket, the user may wear headphones and hear every note being played as usual. It also has MIDI in/out functions, making it very popular with pianists or composers who want to connect their instrument to a computer or recording component. 

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