Purchasing a Piano? How to Choose the Right One

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If you have decided to purchase a piano, your friends at your go-to piano store, SoCal Pianos, say this: congratulations! We are confident this decision will lead you down a road of enjoyment and musical fulfillment. We also say this: choosing the right piano purchases is critical to paving that road. As this can be troublesome, we want to talk about how to choose the right piano and the factors that go into this important decision. 

Piano Purchases

The first step is deciding if you are going to purchase an acoustic or digital piano. The main difference between the two is how sound is produced. With a traditional acoustic piano, the sound is produced when the keys are struck and pressed into the hammers, which strike the strings. Those vibrations are transmitted to the soundboard, where they are richly amplified. 

With a digital piano, when the keys are struck, digital pre-recorded sounds of acoustic pianos are produced and amplified via the piano’s speakers. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing both the acoustic and digital piano:

  • Grand Piano or Upright Piano? Both acoustic and digital pianos come in grand (baby grand for digital) or upright models. Grand pianos have a horizontal design while upright pianos are vertically designed. Digital pianos also feature a portable model.
  • How Does It Sound? It is always a good idea to play the piano when considering a purchase. Some players prefer brighter tones, while others a mellower or softer sound. Also, listen closely to ensure the piano produces consistent sound/volume.
  • Condition Of The Keys. Are they worn or cracked? Make sure when you press them that there is some resistance and that they are not loose or flat-feeling. Also, when considering a digital piano, note that some come with 61 or fewer keys instead of the standard 88 keys. If you are serious about playing, we recommend going with the full-size 88 key models.
  • Brand. Always look for reviews of particular brands. For acoustic pianos, the most reliable brands include Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Steinway & Sons and a few others. Consistently high-rated digital pianos include Yamaha, Casio, and Roland.
  • Dimensions and placement. Make sure you measure the dimensions of the space you plan to put your piano in and ensure it will fit with plenty of clearance. Also, with acoustic pianos, be sensitive to the climate conditions of placement, such as heat and humidity. 

Contact a Professional Piano Store

Of course, it is always a good idea to consult professionals when making a piano purchase and that’s where we come in. SoCal Pianos has served the Ontario and Southern California areas for 25 years and we offer a full line of not only new pianos but used ones, as well. Regarding used pianos, this can often be an option for a couple of reasons, most notably cost. Like buying a new piano, though, make sure you do your homework when buying used, whether it is from SoCal or elsewhere. And if you just can’t decide, perhaps renting a piano and giving it a test run is the right option for you. Please give us a call today to learn more about our services and let us help find the piano just right for you!