Tokai (Japan) – Yamaha U-1 Rival Now 55% off posted retail

Our Price: $1,888.00


Great choice for the beginning to intermediate player/student.

As the ‘less-famous’ Japanese maker, Tokai had to be diligent in producing a great product to compete with its better know, but not necessarily better sounding rivals – Yamaha & Kawai.

Try this one before deciding to pay much more for a name at double the price – and you may like the Tokai better.

48″ Pianos just sound better than shorter pianos because the string length and sound board area compare to a small grand.

This is a lease return, so it has had our constant maintenance while in our rental fleet.

You’ll get a free tuning after delivery and a 1-year parts and labor warranty, and/or full trade-up for peace of mind.

Call for an appointment to audition this great value today.