Blüthner 5’8″ German Masterpiece – Featured this week

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Complete rebuild and refinished in luxurious Satin Ebony. Ready for immediate delivery.

Blüthner – Known for it’s great sustain, mellow tone, and easy-to-control action, ranks with the very highest level pianos in the world. Ranked among the top German Piano Makers, this Blüthner is one you must consider to audition at a very minimum.

It’s signature feature is “Aliquot Stringing”. A method of adding an additional string above the other 3 (so it is not struck by the hammer) in the top few octaves to add additional overtones – hence fullness – to the tone. Julius Blüthner invented the aliquot stringing system in 1873.

Blüthner pianos are quite rare as the German factory  has been producing fewer than 1000 pianos a year (Hand Built) for the last 100+ years.

Worth a look and listen to experience such a marvelous instrument.


Size 5’8″

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