How to Prepare Your Home for a New Piano

How to Welcome a New Piano to Your Home

A good piano can soon feel like a member of the family. In fact, preparing for the arrival of your new instrument is much like welcoming a newborn home. Our team at SoCal Pianos wants to help you and your new musical companion begin your relationship the right way. The following guide will help you prepare your home to welcome your new instrument.

Place Your Piano

Selecting a home base for one is an important decision. Placing it in your Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage, CA, family room, or other shared space can help maximize your memory-making opportunities.

Unless you live in a home built before the 1920s or with poor insulation, you don’t need to avoid keeping it near an outside wall. Some areas you should never place one near include baseboard heaters, fireplaces, or wood stoves. These areas are unhealthy for them since they have too many temperature changes and are dry.

If you choose a Yamaha studio piano or another upright model, place it at least six inches from the wall, so the sound doesn’t get muffled by the wall. You can maximize the rich, vibrant sound of a Steinway 6’2” concert grand or other Steinway & Sons by placing it in the corner for maximum sound reflection. Drapes absorb sound, so switching to blinds can help you get even more volume from your electric Yamaha Clavinova or similar instrument.

Plan Your New Piano’s Path

Clearing a pathway to move it in requires careful measurement and planning. First, you must be sure it can fit through your doorway. Then, you must clear a path inside your home to your piano’s destination. We suggest temporarily moving any large items into another room of your Palm Springs or Rancho Cucamonga, CA, home.

Protect Flooring

Hardwood or tile flooring needs extra protection. Place a rug at your piano’s new resting place. If a rug doesn’t fit in with your décor, piano casters can protect your piano’s feet and the floor.

Get Expert Piano Consultation

Preparing your home for a new piano is an exciting time, and we’d love to help. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form for a private appointment with us in Ontario or Palm Desert, CA.