I’m 30, Is It Too Late To Learn Musical Instruments?

I just hate it when I hear someone say, “I’m too old to learn how to play a musical instrument.” My response is always the same, “Poppycock!” You are never too old to learn music or to play an instrument. It requires some physical skills, but if you can use your hands to hold a fork and knife or have a game of catch with your children or grandchildren, chances are you are physically able to play a musical instrument.


Well, it’s not really a secret but you need only two things to learn how to play musical instruments:

  1. Patience
  2. Willingness to devote time to practicing

Maybe you don’t believe that because all of your life you’ve felt like you have no musical talent. I’ve heard stories from adults who say the only time they came close to failing a class in school was music class.


Those people didn’t do poorly in music class because of a lack of talent. They were likely in a large class with little or no individual attention and also lacked motivation. Yes, some people do have a seemingly natural talent for music. They will learn faster and find it easier to become accomplished, but it has nothing to do with being able to learn to play a musical instrument. In some ways it’s just like learning another language: Some will learn faster than others, but anyone can be taught, and everyone can learn if they are motivated to.


Don’t fall back on the old cliche about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks. Remember what you were like when you were younger? Yeah, me too. More interested in friends and social life than learning to play musical instruments. Being older can be beneficial as more mature students tend to focus more on their piano lessons and have greater patience. Adult students are also more analytical and able to process information more effectively. This allows them to learn faster.


SoCal Pianos in Ontario & Palm Desert, CA (appointment only at both locations) is always ready to help you get started on your musical journey. Most people are going to do better when taking lessons for the piano or other musical instruments. The truly self-taught musician is a rarity. Make sure you check out our database of available piano teachers in Southern California and give us a call today at one of our showrooms.