The Origin of the Piano – Who & When It Was Built

The Origin Of The Piano Who & When It Was Built

Who Built the First Piano & When?

If you’ve ever wondered who invented the piano and the history of this beautiful instrument, you’re in the right place! Before the piano, there was the harpsichord, which looks like the early pianos in that there is a case of similar shape and a keyboard. Sound is produced by the harpsichord by striking or depressing the key which activates a trigger that plucks the attached string. The action is like that of a finger plucking a guitar string. In the piano, the depressed key operates a hammer which strikes the key.

So, Who Invented the Piano?

The invention of the piano, first known as the pianoforte, is widely credited to Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian who lived from 1655 – 1731. Cristofori had been caretaker of Grand Prince Ferdinando de’ Medici’s harpsichords and other instruments. He grew to strongly dislike the lack of control over volume that harpsichord players had.

While the exact date is unknown, it’s believed that around the year 1700, Cristofori switched the process by removing the plucking mechanism and replacing it with a hammer, thus inventing the pianoforte. To this day three original Cristofori pianos remain in existence.

The term pianoforte was shortened to piano around 1732. Because of the use of strings and hammers to make musical sounds, the piano is typically classified as a stringed instrument. While the piano is quite popular today, it took nearly 50 years for interest in the instrument to grow. Eventually, just about every middle class home in Western Europe and North America had a piano. The piano is still a favorite among music enthusiasts today, whether young or old and with both beginner or experienced pianists.

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