How Can I Practice Piano at Night?

How Can I Practice Piano At Night

How to Practice the Piano Quietly

Practice makes perfect. Many of us have probably heard that a time or two while growing up. Maybe we’ve even used the saying on our own children or someone else who was struggling to stay focused on perfecting a craft, musical instrument or hobby. 

Finding the time for piano practice can often be the biggest obstacle for beginning pianists, especially for adult-aged students who likely work or attend school during daytime hours and possibly have demands on their time at night. Shift workers who desire to learn have significant challenges with finding piano practice time. 

There is no right or wrong time to schedule personal piano practice. It just needs to fit into the student’s schedule in a way that doesn’t disrupt the household or the neighbors. So, if the best time is evening or even the middle of the night, what can you do?

Piano Options that Allow Silent Practicing

The first option is the easiest. Simply depress the middle pedal, which is sometimes called the practice pedal. When the practice pedal is engaged, a piece of felt is placed between the hammer and the strings and the sound is muted by about half.

The second possibility is to rent or purchase a silent piano, which is an acoustic piano specially designed to be played silently. The middle pedal or practice pedal is engaged in such a way by a bar that the sound is prohibited from being produced. The unit is plugged into a wall outlet and after plugging in headphones as well, the pianist can hear what is being played. It’s possible to modify a regular acoustic piano with an aftermarket silencing device as well.

A third option is to invest in a digital piano. Most digital pianos are equipped with a headphone jack enabling the student to plug a set of headphones into the instrument. This is a perfect feature for being able to practice the piano at any time of day without disturbing anyone’s peace and quiet.

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