Does Having a Piano Add Value to a House?

Does Having a Piano Add Value to a House

Can Having a Piano Add Value to a House?

SoCal Pianos has been serving Southern California piano enthusiasts for over 30 years. We’re the area leader in assisting individuals with purchasing or renting the piano they need to make their dreams of learning the most popular musical instrument a reality. 

When you’re looking for pianos for sale in L.A., SoCal Pianos or are the only names you need to remember. Whether a beginner or a proficient piano musician, having a piano readily available in your home to hone your skills is a must. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, and you can’t practice without the right equipment.

What you may not realize is that even though many pianos depreciate, having a piano in your house or apartment may actually increase its overall value to you personally and especially when you’re trying to sell. 


The value of any object in your home is only appreciable to you to the extent you find it enjoyable or useful. For instance, a piece of art was probably purchased by you because it stirred some happy emotional response or brings you joy when you look at it. By the same token, your piano is valuable because it meets a personal need.

Did you know, however, that home staging businesses often rent pianos to increase the overall appeal, aesthetic and value of a home to potential buyers? For example, some high-end developers will use a piano to create an atmosphere of sophistication. Pianos are often placed in condominiums or apartments to present the size or openness of the space. During open house events, some realtors may even hire someone to play a staged piano to give a specific air to the property.

If you’re interested in a piano rental for a staging event or because you want to learn to play, or SoCal Pianos can help.

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