Picking the Best Color Piano For Your Home

Choosing the Best Color Piano for Your Home

Many have learned the benefit of learning to play a musical instrument, and the piano is among the most popular choices. Cognitive and memory skills are improved, you can relieve stress and your overall self-confidence is enhanced by learning to play the piano. 

Years ago, if you played a piano, chances are it was purchased outright for your home. Today, it’s very common for pianists to rent their instrument. Piano rentals makes learning to play a more viable option for a wider demographic of families. 

When purchasing or renting a piano, which color should you choose? While pianos aren’t available in a rainbow of colors, there are a few options available. 

Traditionally, wood grain finishes such as cherry, walnut or mahogany were found in many homes. As more modern decor has gained popularity, white pianos have become the choice for some. However, white pianos tend to have a lower resale value than wood or black colored pianos.

If you walk through a piano store or research online, you’ll likely find that black pianos are the most common. Because black is a neutral color, it’s the best color piano. It’s versatile and easily works with a variety of decorating styles and rooms. Because of their popularity, black pianos are usually the most readily available, which gives them a lower price point in most markets.

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