How Much Should A Second Hand Piano Cost?

second hand piano

Many people have gone through times in their lives when they didn’t have the proverbial two nickels to rub together. In other words, broke and desperate. That experience may have included shopping for a cheap used car. Too often what was being sold cheap wouldn’t run at all, was unsafe to drive, and/or was a… Read more »

Is A Steinway Piano Really Worth It?


Every time I hear the word Steinway I am reminded of a scene from the movie “The Pink Panther Strikes Again.” In the movie, Inspector Clouseau accidentally smashes a magnificent grand piano with a mace, prompting the housekeeper to exclaim, “But that’s a priceless Steinway!” to which Clouseau responds, “Not anymore.” Of course, this doesn’t… Read more »

What Is The Benefit Of Playing A Musical Instrument?

musical instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument takes practice, commitment and an overall appreciation of the fine arts. But the great news is that it’s all worth it… once you learn how to play an instrument, the door to a lifetime of musical enjoyment is wide open and the possibilities are endless. We are kind of… Read more »

Are Piano And Keyboard The Same Thing Or Different?

electric piano

Here at SoCal Pianos, we get asked all kinds of questions. Some of them can be a bit tricky, like this one: is a piano and keyboard the same thing? It’s tricky because it can be answered both yes and no. I know, it’s a head scratcher, but let’s dive a little deeper into it…. Read more »

Does The Value Of A Piano Increase Over Time?

Pianos are not cheap musical instruments to purchase. It can be a substantial financial commitment. The good news is they are generally considered a good investment. Depending on the make and model and how well the piano is maintained, it will not only last for decades, but very well may hold its value or even… Read more »

Will Storing A Piano In Cold Weather Hurt It?

A well-built piano is made to last for years and even decades, but it must be maintained and well cared for. This is especially important if you live in a climate where it gets very cold in the winter or very hot in the summer. If for some reason you need to remove your piano… Read more »

Which Piano Is Better For A Beginner, Yamaha Or Kawai?

yamaha piano

Some questions just don’t have definitive answers. Such as: do aliens exist? And how about this beauty: if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it really make a sound? Those are both humorous examples of questions that really do not offer verifiable answers. In the SoCal… Read more »

Which Is The Best Yamaha Piano For Beginners?

yamaha piano

Picking the right piano is crucial no matter where you are in your playing development, but it is especially crucial when you are a beginner. Learning to play on a piano that suits you and feels “right” can accelerate your progress and ensure your enjoyment. Likewise, if you are practicing with the wrong piano or… Read more »

Best 88 Key Weighted Keyboards in 2020

88 keys

Digital pianos and keyboards are excellent options for beginners. They are much less expensive and offer a great platform for players to learn the basics and expand upon their playing skills. SoCal Pianos showrooms in Ontario and Palm Desert, CA offer an extensive selection of digital pianos and keyboards. One of the main things to… Read more »

Grand Pianos vs Upright Pianos

grand piano vs upright piano

Today’s question is: should I invest in a new grand piano or an upright piano? Well, the answer is… complicated. We are not trying to be ambiguous, but there is simply not a simple, short answer to that question. Here at SoCal Pianos, we sell and rent many grand and upright pianos and we sell… Read more »