Benefits of Buying a Used Yamaha Piano

used yamaha pianos

Benefits of Buying a Used Yamaha Piano Learning to play the piano can be a fulfilling pastime for many, whether young or old. There are many other benefits, though, that far outweigh entertaining oneself.  Some of the best reasons to learn how to play the piano are the cognitive benefits. Memory skills are enhanced, hand-eye… Read more »

Picking the Best Color Piano For Your Home

Choosing the Best Color Piano for Your Home Many have learned the benefit of learning to play a musical instrument, and the piano is among the most popular choices. Cognitive and memory skills are improved, you can relieve stress and your overall self-confidence is enhanced by learning to play the piano.  Years ago, if you… Read more »

7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Piano

7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Piano

7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Piano Deciding to play the piano is not for the lazy person. The instrument you choose requires a financial investment as well as a time commitment. No one has ever been successful at playing any instrument without committing to specific practice sessions and lessons.  In addition to the… Read more »

Best Piano Brands To Look For At Your Local Piano Store

Best Piano Brands to Look for at Your Local Piano Store SoCal Pianos is a leader in the retail piano purchase and rental industries. Since 1991, our professional staff has helped countless beginner and advanced pianists choose among the best piano brands to find the perfect instrument for them. With our connections to skilled teachers,… Read more »

Does Having a Piano Add Value to a House?

Does Having a Piano Add Value to a House

Can Having a Piano Add Value to a House? SoCal Pianos has been serving Southern California piano enthusiasts for over 30 years. We’re the area leader in assisting individuals with purchasing or renting the piano they need to make their dreams of learning the most popular musical instrument a reality.  When you’re looking for pianos… Read more »

What’s the Best Time of the Year to Buy a Piano?

What’s the Best Time of the Year to Buy a Piano? If you’re looking for pianos for sale in L.A., you may be wondering when is the best time to purchase a piano? The short answer could be when you have the resources or decide you want to learn to play the piano. There are… Read more »

What’s a Silent Piano & How Do They Work?

What’s A Silent Piano & How Do They Work

What’s a Silent Piano & How Does it Work? Learning a new instrument takes time and practice, so ample opportunities are available to grace those around the student with all the missed and sour notes. It’s probably a safe bet that many parents would like to have had a silent piano while their child was… Read more »

How Can I Practice Piano at Night?

How Can I Practice Piano At Night

How to Practice the Piano Quietly Practice makes perfect. Many of us have probably heard that a time or two while growing up. Maybe we’ve even used the saying on our own children or someone else who was struggling to stay focused on perfecting a craft, musical instrument or hobby.  Finding the time for piano… Read more »

The Origin of the Piano – Who & When It Was Built

The Origin Of The Piano Who & When It Was Built

Who Built the First Piano & When? If you’ve ever wondered who invented the piano and the history of this beautiful instrument, you’re in the right place! Before the piano, there was the harpsichord, which looks like the early pianos in that there is a case of similar shape and a keyboard. Sound is produced… Read more »

What Are the Best Beginner Songs to Learn on Piano

Beginner Piano

What Songs Are Best for Beginning Pianists to Learn? Piano aficionados say it’s easy to learn the basics of piano playing, but it’s probably the hardest musical instrument to master. Some beginner piano players often quit before giving themselves or the piano a fair shake. Many have unrealistic expectations that they’ll be playing like Liberace… Read more »