Can You Try Out A Piano In A Piano Store?

piano store

It’s been a summer like no other, with a pandemic changing the way our society operates. But now the end of August approaches and that means that kids will be returning to school, whether virtually or in person. And some of those kids will also be learning to play the piano, in school band/music rooms or in their own homes with a personal teacher. So, this means that some families may be in the market for a new or used piano. SoCal Pianos, Orange County’s trusted piano store and piano experts since 1990, can help you with either. We also know that with the start of school, there are plenty of bills to pay and other purchases to be made. That’s why we offer many options to make sure you find the right piano for your family and also to help you fit the cost into your budget.


One of the best options for finding the right piano for you is to rent first. This offers many advantages including finding the right size and helping to determine the commitment of the person playing/learning in your family. Our plans start as low as $29 per month and we offer many top end makes/models. Check out our website at for more information. 

In addition, we are frequently asked if customers can “try out” pianos at our piano store showrooms. The answer is yes, by appointment. Again, this is one way we can accommodate our customers and help them make the decision whether to invest in a piano. By checking out how a piano plays and sounds at our showroom, our staff can also answer any questions about the piano and the options for renting one or purchasing.


Back to school costs can rise quickly and budgets can fill up just as fast, so we are happy to offer financing solutions to our customers. Options can include incentives and special rates from name-brand manufacturers, as well as SoCal’s own payment plans, which we may be able to customize to fit your financial needs. 


SoCal has served the Orange County and Coachella Valley areas for 30 years at two showroom locations: our main store in Ontario and our second location in Palm Desert (which may be visited by appointment only). Our services include piano sales, rentals and service and our piano teacher referral program. Call us, come by, make an appointment or reach out to us via social media!