Best 88 Key Weighted Keyboards in 2020

88 keys

Digital pianos and keyboards are excellent options for beginners. They are much less expensive and offer a great platform for players to learn the basics and expand upon their playing skills. SoCal Pianos showrooms in Ontario and Palm Desert, CA offer an extensive selection of digital pianos and keyboards. One of the main things to consider, though, is the number of keys on the piano or keyboard. Some feature only 73 keys, which is less than the standard 88 keys. The 73-key versions are OK, but please remember that it could present some difficulties down the road when switching to an 88 key piano.


Now that we have determined the importance of an 88 key keyboard, another distinction is the advent of an 88 key weighted keyboard. Simply speaking, this is a feature that digital pianos and keyboards include to try and recreate or mimic the action and feel of an acoustic piano. This is important for beginners because the weighted keys can help the pianist approximate the fell and sensitivity required to play an acoustic piano. Unweighted keys do not provide this resistance that is needed for player development.


There are some great models that feature exceptional 88 key weighted keyboard action.  Let’s take a look…

  1. Yamaha P125. The P125 is an excellent practice keyboard. Its duo mode allows teacher and student to play side by side. It features an impressive 192 note polyphony (ability to play multiple notes at once), which leads to greater range of sound and the Intelligent Acoustic Control is also a nice tone feature.
  2. Yamaha DGX-660. This model can reproduce sounds almost exactly like an acoustic and also includes Yamaha’s Scaled Graded Hammer technology. This results in the keys recognizing the difference between light, medium and heavy contact and a capacity to create 264 tones. It also features a wireless connection to devices, which can help with recording and notation storage.
  3. Casio PX160BK. Casio is widely recognized as a beginner-friendly keyboard, but the PX160BK is appealing to experienced players as well. It also features a scaled hammer option and comes with two 8-watt speakers that deliver powerful sound. At only 25 pounds it is also very portable and versatile.
  4. Kawai CE220. Less bulkier than some models, the CE220 is portable and sounds awesome, with ranges from classical piano to jazz and church organ instruments. It also offers a 192-note polyphony and Kawai’s Advance Hammer Action IV system, which detects the slightest of presses. Like the Yamaha P125, it includes a split mode that makes it perfect for teaching.


These are but a few of the quality 88-key weighted keyboard selections we can help you with. For more info, call our Ontario, CA showroom or Palm Desert location to make an appointment. You can also contact us on social media!