The Best Steinway & Sons Models To Consider Buying

The Best Steinway Pianos to Consider Buying

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Steinway has been manufacturing pianos since the mid 1850’s when German immigrant Henry E. Steinway established his company on the West Side of Manhattan. From the beginning, the company originally known as Steinway & Sons, had one goal in mind: to provide a high quality, handmade piano while striving to be innovative and improve craftsmanship. To that end, Steinway has produced a wide array of models to meet the needs of the beginner to the highly-trained concert and recording professional.

The first Steinway piano was a grand piano. Today, the company offers six different grand piano models ranging in size from 5’1”, the smallest baby grand, to the largest, which is a concert grand measuring 8’11”.  The size of your home will be the biggest determinant when deciding the size piano you purchase. While the sound produced will vary with the size, they always provide a rich and pleasing tone to anyone who plays. 

If you have too little space to accommodate any size grand piano, you also have the option of purchasing an upright one, which has the Steinway workmanship in a vertical shape rather than the horizontal grand piano. For those who need the added benefits a digital piano can offer, Steinway makes RP-102 Digital Piano which is patterned after their grand piano technology. 

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