Best Piano Brands To Look For At Your Local Piano Store

Best Piano Brands to Look for at Your Local Piano Store

SoCal Pianos is a leader in the retail piano purchase and rental industries. Since 1991, our professional staff has helped countless beginner and advanced pianists choose among the best piano brands to find the perfect instrument for them. With our connections to skilled teachers, we’ve also been a valuable resource to link aspiring pianists with the instructor they need to be successful. 

There are many piano manufacturers available. Advancing technology has made the piano more accessible and affordable for a broader demographic of people. Choosing the ideal piano is foremost a very personal decision that depends on several factors, including skill level, available space in your home and budget considerations, to name a few. 

Other elements to look at are the functions of the piano. For example, is a digital or acoustic piano best? If you’ve been playing the piano long enough and have the space, you may decide you’d like a baby grand piano. If you move around a lot, then a stage piano may be best. 

With these thoughts in mind, SoCal Pianos offers the following advice when choosing which piano brand is best:

  1. It may be best to rent rather than buy when initially beginning to play. By doing so, you’ll avoid paying out a large sum of money for an instrument you may not enjoy playing. With SoCal’s rent to own option, you can still own your piano in the end.
  1. Digital or acoustic? The one to choose often depends on the amount of room you have available since digital pianos often take up less space. Another element is the headphone capability you have with digital, so you can practice without disturbing others. 
  2. Ultimately, the best piano brand is one you will stick with as you learn how to play.

SoCal Pianos has a wide array of pianos for purchase or to rent, and our trained consultants can help you navigate the various options available. We take great care to seek the best pianos in every available category. 

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